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Our Promise 

At Farmers State Bank, the core of our story is a simple truth: No One Serves You Better!

We can honestly promise this because we work harder and care more. We’re going to do whatever it takes to make you happy. But it’s not difficult. We simply treat you the way we would want to be treated.

At Farmers State Bank, we remain true to this core value of service because it’s the same on which we were raised. Only, who knew it would also turn out to be a great foundation on which to build a bank.

You see, Farmers State Bank is independently owned. So we have the freedom to be as friendly and likable as we please. We take our cues from you. And you rely on us to serve you with everything we’ve got, today and for life. We know that kind of lifelong loyalty is only deserved when we provide you with consistently better service than you can find anywhere else.

Tom Franks, Chairman 

Our History

Thomas (Tom) W. Franks of Harrisburg, Ill. purchased Farmers State Bank in 1994 with $3,000,000 in assets and has grown the bank to over $200,000,000 in total assets with four banking locations currently operating. 

Our Videos

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