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Farmers State Bank prides itself on being independently and locally owned. Our local operation enables us to provide expedient and creative financing programs. We have a wide variety of competitive fixed and adjustable rate loan programs, and our real estate loans can be designed to fit your needs. We look forward to helping you with your home financing needs.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage

The fixed rate mortgage is the most common type of mortgage product.  In addition to being simple, it provides the peace of mind of a set monthly payment (principal and interest) that do not change over the term of the loan.  The loan balance is reduced monthly over the set term of the loan, and there is no prepayment penalty for making additional payments to principal.  This is ideal for someone who wants the peace of mind of a set payment, regardless of fluctuations in the financial markets.

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

An adjustable rate mortgage allows the borrower to take advantage of short term rates, generally resulting in lower initial monthly payments than fixed-rate mortgages.  The interest rate resets at the end of the term, usually resulting in a lower amount of principal to re-price, or refinance.  This is ideal for someone who is interested in qualifying for a larger loan, lower payments, and the ability to save money in the short-term.  Borrowers who are comfortable taking on risks or who feel their income will increase to cover possible payment increases often make this choice.

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Construction Line of Credit

If you're building a home, a construction loan can be an ideal source of cash through the building process.  Interest rates are competitive and closing costs are minimal.  You won't pay any interest until the funds are used or drawn, giving you a convenient and affordable way to meet ongoing building expenses.  And at Farmers State Bank, we can easily convert your construction loan into permanent financing once your house if ready to be occupied.  


Refinance and Save!

When interest rates drop by at least 1.00% below your existing loan rate, it may be a money-saving SMART CHOICE to refinance your loan.  Contact Farmers State Bank to help you determine if refinancing can help you.

  • Reduce your interest rate - a lower interest rate means lower payments
  • Reduce your mortgage term...and PAY OFF the loan faster - refinancing to a shorter term mortgage can save you interest charges over the life of the loan and help you pay your loan off quicker

Home Equity

Access your home's equity - you worked to build equity in your home; now let is work for you.  At Farmers State Bank, we offer two product options: Home Equity Line of Credit and Home Equity Loan.  You can use the money for home improvements, vacations, weddings, college, holiday buying, landscaping and much more.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit - We can help you unlock cash from your home's value.  Home Equity Lines of Credit are a type of revolving line of credit secured by the equity a borrower has in his or her home.  Home Equity Lines of Credit allows you to "write yourself a loan" at your convenience.  It is nice to have open, established credit that is ready to use as you wish and need.
  • Home Equity Loan - A Home Equity Loan provides a lump sum payment, which is repaid with a fixed rate of interest over a set period of time.

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